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Brain Magnotherapy/Electrical Stimulation

Machine Features:


1.(FNS)Fastigial nucleus stimulation

--the main pole(low-frequency therapy) 
optimization of biomimetic electrical stimulation of cerebellar fastigial nucleus(FN), improve the brain blood circulation , increase the brain blood flow(rCBF) improved microcirculation; improve stroke patients with autonomic nervous function.



2.(NMES)Limbs neuromuscular electrical stimulation

--auxiliary pole(intermediate frequency therapy of low frequency modulation)

prevent the atrophy of denervated muscle, promote the limb function training, more conducive to the reconstruction and functional recovery of nerve pathway.




3. (rTMS) Use of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

--the therapeutic cap 

 Alternating magnetic field can reach the human brain noninvasively through deep    tissure inside the skull, and generates the introduction  alternating current acts on the brain to improve cerebral microcirculation in patients with cerebral function, guide tended to be normal, orderly.                               


4.Frequency vibration massage--therapeutic cap

Alternating vibration massage function; relieve fatigue and help the head, the neck muscles to relax, liquid circulation.   


The machine has aboved four therapy modes. It has LED display screen with one key shuttle button to operate easily, mini appearance is very Portable and convenient, there are over 11kinds of treatment prescription and four kinds of therapy frequency.


 Scientific Name:Brain dysfunction therapy deviceBrain dysfunction therapy device
       Item No:             HB510B              HB520B
   Power Supply:   AC 220V±10% V, 50Hz±1% Hz       AC 220V±10% V, 50Hz±1% Hz
   Machine Size(mm):        310*255*130            355*290*130
   Net Weight(kg):           3.12                4.616
 Gross Weight(kg):           5.36                 6.82
       Material:      ABS for main case                         ABS for main case
    Packing size (mm):        370*330*215             490*385*325
     Type:    portable type single channel   portable type dual channels
     Certificate:         CE,ISO13485






   Model Picture:







Cerebral Ischemia:

cerebral infarction periods, cerebral hemorrhage recover period,

insufficient blood supply and so on.

Cerebral Injury:

cerebral trauma recover period, cerebral trauma awake period, cerebral palsy,

stroke,toxic type cerebral trauma, hypoxia type cerebral trauma.

Cerebral Functionality Obstacle:

migraine, neurasthenia, insomnia, cognition impairment, senile dementia, parkinson,

AD,encephalatrophy, depression, brain fatigue syndrome.



   Magnetic cap                Output wire           Moon electrode      Non-woven electrode 

                                                                                   Sheet                            Sheet